Annual Report 2023


38. Contingent liabilities

€ million


Dec. 31, 2023


Dec. 31, 2022






Liabilities under guarantees





Liabilities under warranty contracts





Assets pledged as security for third-party liabilities





Other contingent liabilities










In the case of liabilities from guarantees, the Group is required to make specific payments if the debtors fail to meet their obligations.

The other contingent liabilities primarily comprise potential liabilities arising from matters relating to taxes and customs duties, as well as litigation and proceedings relating to suppliers, dealers, customers, employees and investors. The contingent liabilities recognized in connection with the diesel issue totaled €4.0 billion (previous year: €4.2 billion), of which €3.8 billion (previous year: €3.6 billion) was attributable to investor lawsuits in Germany. Also included are certain elements of the class action lawsuits and proceedings/misdemeanor proceedings relating to the diesel issue as far as these can be quantified. As some of these proceedings are still at a very early stage, the plaintiffs have in a number of cases so far not specified the basis of their claims and/or there is insufficient certainty about the number of plaintiffs or the amounts being claimed. Where these lawsuits meet the definition of a contingent liability, no disclosure was normally required because it had not been possible to measure the amount involved.

In addition, other contingent liabilities include an amount of €0.6 billion for potential liabilities resulting from the risk of tax proceedings instituted by the Brazilian tax authorities against Volkswagen Truck & Bus (formerly: MAN Latin America).

Since 2016, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced further extensions of the recalls of various models from a variety of manufacturers containing certain airbags produced by the Takata company. Recalls were also demanded by the local authorities in individual countries. The recalls also included models manufactured by the Volkswagen Group. Appropriate provisions have been recognized. Currently, the possibility of further extensions to the recalls that could also affect Volkswagen Group models cannot be ruled out. It is not possible at the moment to provide further disclosures in accordance with IAS 37.86 in relation to this matter because the technical investigations and consultations with the authorities are still ongoing.

In line with IAS 37.92, no further statements have been made concerning estimates of financial impact or regarding uncertainty as to the amount or maturity of provisions and contingent liabilities in relation to additional important legal cases. This is so as to not compromise the results of the proceedings or the interests of the Company. Further information can be found under the section entitled “Litigation”.